Reinforcing Capacity Building for Defending Biodiversity in the Palestinian Territories

Programme: FP7 INCO

Duration: From 2012-03-01 to 2015-02-28

Total cost: EUR 558.920, EU contribution: EUR 499.237

Consortium: 4 partners

Role of Veltha: Proposal preparation, Co-Coordinator in charge of tutoring the Palestinian Coordinator, Capacity building, Dissemination and Exploitation

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The objective of DEBPAL was to reinforce the cooperation capacities of Al-Quds University (the Arab University of Jerusalem) to improve its research activities in defence and recovery of Biodiversity (including Agro-Biodiversity) in the interlinked fields of conservation and restoration, as requested by the International Convention on Biological Diversity, one of the main commitments in the European Union politics.
Two A0 maps with the pilot sites in Palestine available at