May 2021

On the 13th of May, Veltha hosted the 2021 6th episode of Loops, where the agriculture sector took centre stage thanks to the contribution of CYBELE and WATER2RETURN, two innovative projects that are following the ambition of revolutionising one of the strongest systems deeply rooted in tradition: the agricultural sector. Agriculture nowadays face multiple challenges: […]

After our second out of three workshops we now stand in the middle path of our Policy Lab period. Our Regional officers have both expressed positive progress and highlighted the existing and upcoming challenges. It seems that the current situation surrounding the field of circular economy around the Regions is constantly changing and our Regional […]

Circular economy is often perceived and described as a complex system, in need of a new set of skills, knowledge and expertise channelled at structurally reorganising the existing mechanism of today’s economy. This is in fact undoubtedly true. Moving to a circular model implies growing responsibilities mainly focused on re-examining the allocation, use and type […]