Announcing the 1st Digital Workshop Open for EU Regional Officers

The Policy Lab will launch in the month of June with an ambitious goal: to provide solutions to the challenges the European Regions face while implementing circular economy programs.

The starting point will be to co-create a guideline to evaluate the projects. Circular Economy is an abstract term with many different definitions, which causes different types of analysis depending on the institution involved. Thus, the way we understand circularity will change how the projects are designed and implemented. Achieving a common set of criteria will facilitate collaboration cross-regional projects. Therefore our main question for the coming three-months period is:

How to define common criteria to assess Circular Economy projects for the new programming period?

This is a complex question to answer as circular economy projects may deal with completely different sectors and their impacts may vary a lot as well. In order to help find an answer, we will pose a monthly sub-question, which will then be discussed in a workshop (online for the time being). The sub-question to focus on during this first month is:

What are the problems encountered by the Regions while introducing Circular Economy projects in the programming period? Are the current systems efficient enough for monitoring Circular Economy?

The online workshop will take place on the 4th of June from 11:00 until 12:30 (UTC+2) and will be conducted as in the following

  • 1st round: each participant give his answer to the monthly sub-question
  • 2nd round: the moderator poses a second question, elaborated on the basis of the answers given in the first round
  • Final remarks

We invite the European Regions to collaborate in co-building the new standards for Circularity.

Interested in joining the Policy Lab?

Apply here: to become part of the network and receive the link for the digital workshop.

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