Debunking myths about sustainability

2 truths and 1 lie: a game, a way to communicate sustainability

Who said that a sustainable lifestyle is all work and no fun?

Definitely, this is not the approach of the European Commission, since Vice President, Frans Timmermans, participated in a Facebook LIVE event to play the game “2 truths 1 lie”. The public was composed of many environment-enthusiasts, such as two Climate Pact Ambassadors, the civil society and influencers whose popularity is linked to their zero-waste kind of lifestyle.

Behind the event lies the intention to underline that it does not matter if we do not know everything about sustainability. What is important is to keep on with the effort of bettering our planet.

By playing a very fun game, several myths about sustainability were being officially debunked.

Do you want to play along?

To mention just a few:

did you know that luxury does not automatically mean green-friendly? The fact that the price is higher than average is not necessarily linked to a sustainable chain of production.

Or else:

Did you know that the ambitious – but achievable – objective of cutting off 55% of CO2 emissions by 2030 is only a mean? Some member states will have to work harder than others to conquer such result.

Moreover, incorporating sustainability into our daily activities is not only a matter of choosing the bike over a car: finance and investments are contributing to normalize such way of doing things. In this regard, it has been proven that sustainable investments not only equal traditional ones in terms of profit, but they sometimes overcome them.

But let’s get back at our game:

Did you know that a paper-based bag does not have a more positive impact than a plastic bag on the environment? As long as the logic of “use and throw away” persist, anything of any material will be dangerous for the planet. Thus, Vice President Timmermans suggested to all of us to direct our effort towards re-using and repairing whenever possible.

Game’s over.

Vice President ended the event by dwelling upon two concepts very dear to him. Firstly, he shedded light on the conflictual communication of sustainability when it comes to delivering messages requiring action to fight against global warming. To better explain, even if the phrasing might be confusing, the subject in danger because of climate change is not Planet Earth. It is humanity. Timmermans appealed directly to the older generation, inviting them to drop the attitude that leads to careless attitudes lain behind statements like “It is not my problem anymore” or “it is too late for me”. In this regard, he drew a parallel between the COVID pandemic situation and the environmental crisis:

“if the younger generations had not been collaborative and supportive with us, elderlies, by restricting themselves, we would have had more deceases and hospitalizations”.

Frans Timmermans concluded by remarking that an emergency requires everyone’s contribution, no matter how big or small it may be, because it is time to act and to remain unite.

Here’s the video if you want to spend some time to entertain yourselves:

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