DG Growth Calls EU Regions to Prepare the Ground for the Transposition of DPPs regulations!

In November Veltha hosted an online workshop, Public-Private Bottom-Up Definition of Digital Product Passport, as part of the Policy Lab, addressing the current subject of Digital Product Passports. Speakers from different perspectives came together to share their experience, expectations and knowledge about Digital Product Passports (DPPs) and the systems and legislation that surround it. 

What is a Digital Product Passport?

There is not yet a general answer to the question of what a digital product passport is, as it is an evolving concept. What is clear though, is that it is a system to promote sustainability and circularity by providing stakeholders and consumers with relevant product data.

Insights from the Speakers

Moderated by Luca Polidori, Secretary General at Veltha, we had the pleasure of hearing both business and policy perspectives, and gained an insight into innovative projects that are in relation to the development and usage of DPPs.

Nora Åsling (Veltha, Project Assistant) presented Task 6.5 of the H2020 DigiPrime project and its relation to DPPs

Rigo Wenning (ERCIM, Legal Counsel) presented the newly launched The Ecosystem Digital Product Passport (CIRPASS) project

Mario Malzacher (Circular.Fashion, Co-Founder) presented their work with digital information carriers, and insights from a business perspective 

Michele Galatola (European Commission, Policy Officer, Green and Circular Economy) spoke of the benefits of a DPP system and what will be the required next steps 

Bente Bauer (Policy Hub, Director of Public Affairs) gave insights on the thoughts and expectations on Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation (ESPR) and DPPs from a business perspective  

Thomas Götz (Wuppertal Institute, Co-Head of Research Unit Energy Policy: Energy, Transport and Climate Policy) presented the report: Digital Product Passport: the ticket to achieving a climate neutral and circular European economy?

Sascha Bloemhoff (Niaga, Marketing Director) presented insights, ideas and concerns on DPPs, alongside their Niaga®Tag

Andrea D’Intino (Dyne, Program Manager) presented the REFLOW project & the Interfacer project and its relation to DPPs

The speakers shared important insights into both the current use of digital information carriers as well as future obstacles that need to be overcome to ensure that the benefits of a DPP system are maximised. The topic of the Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation was as well a recurring subject during the workshop.

In addition, what can be done at a regional level today was discussed. Michele Galatola from the European Commission, stated that the most fundamental and topical step ahead of regions at present, is to “prepare the ground for the implementation”, and highlighted concrete examples, such as reinforcing the technical knowledge within respective regions, which will be needed in due course.

Want to Know More? 

Download the summary PDF, or watch the recorded presentations from the workshop on Veltha’s LinkedIn or YouTube page.

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