EU Week of Regions and Cities Side Event

The 2022 edition of European Week of Regions and Cities is only a couple of weeks away, expected to occur from the 10th till the 13th of October 2022!

This annual event with 19 years of experience, is devoted to creating a common space for Regions and Cities to offer knowledge and experience by showcasing their capabilities to create growth, promote EU Cohesion Policy and highlight the importance of the local and regional level for a good European governance. For four days decisionmakers, academics, citizens, and media from local to national level and invited to discuss and overcome barriers that arise in the EU regions. Each year different themes are presented. The four main themes that will be addressed during this 20th edition of the European Week of Regions and Cities are Green Transition, Territorial Cohesion, Digital Transition, and Youth Empowerment

The registration to the European Week of Regions and Cities is open, visit EU Regions Week to register for different sessions and keep track of the daily programs.  The event will offer in total more than 300 virtual and hybrid seminars, workshops, and information sessions and has in the past years gathered thousands of participants eager to be a part of the change. 

HOW TO FACILITATE THE CIRCULAR ECONOMY TRANSITION: Capitalization of Cooperation Experiences and Tools – October 14 from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm CET.

If you have not done it yet, save a spot on your agenda and join us physically or online.

N.B. If you have landed here from a LinkedIn ad, please use the initial form you’ve been directed to for registering to the event.

In this year’s edition of European Week of Regions and Cities, Veltha will demonstrate ways to facilitate the circular economy transition by presenting multiple EU-funded projects, which have been made possible by cross-regional cooperation. 

In partnership with Stand Up For Europe and the EU-funded projects that will be mentioned soon, Veltha IVZW will address the question of how to facilitate the Circular Economy Transition through the sharing of multiple cooperation experiences and valuable digital tools designed specifically for the purpose. During the panel discussion, we will present key take-aways from circular economy projects and initiatives, namely

  • Interreg Europe REPLACE that aims at facilitating the circular economy transition by providing regions with policy tools.
  • H2020 DigiPrime, a digital tool and platform developed to facilitate and encourage collaboration and knowledge exchange between regions. 
  • H2020 Frontsh1p aimed at creating systemic designs and strategies to facilitate the circular economy transition. 
  • DeremCo i3 that will focus on showcasing regional cooperation in the composite sector.
  • Policy Lab initiative which will inaugurate a new edition of an initiative aimed at creating regional knowledge exchange to create good practices. Each edition of the Policy Lab tackles current issues connected to regional stakeholders and the circular transition, in relation to EU programmes. 
  • Circular Benchmark Tool, an assessment tool created for regions to monitor circular economy transitions.

Veltha then will leave the floor to you for an interactive discussion on inputs and opinions on how to further facilitate the circular economy transition.

The session will occur on the 14th of October from 10:00 to 12:30 CET (Brussels time). It will take place at STAM Europa, a public space located in the heart of the European District in Brussels, with the possibility to participate digitally. Due to Covid-19 limitations, the organizers will confirm the availability of seats via email.

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