SMEs from all over Europe, it’s time for you to enter the scenes!

Within the framework of the H2020 DigiPrime project aimed at the development of a new concept of a digital platform for a Circular Economy, Veltha is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of the DigiPrime Open Call. Expected to be launched on May 16 2022, the call targets all the European SMEs interested in developing prototype applications that will be integrated in the DigiPrime digital manufacturing platform.

You can find the REGISTRATION FORM on the DigiPrime website at the following link:

The DigiPrime project will provide financial support for a total of 2 million Euro to SMEs that will engage in the two Open Calls foreseen in the project development. Open Call “A”  will encompass the following activities:

  1. Development of new Horizontal value chain oriented (VCO) or vertical operational (OP) services offered by the DigiPrime platform.

In this regard, the DigiPrime architecture currently distinguishes between:

  1. Value-chain Oriented Services (VOS): horizontal services that can be made accessible to other nodes of the federation, to offer access to information of interest across different sectors.
  2. Operational Services (OS): vertical services within a node, used by companies internally, mainly to support decision making aiming at improving the effectiveness and profitability of the circular business processes.

The aforementioned services are illustrated in the table below:

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It’s time to now incorporate new functionalities to enhance the platform’s range of performative features.

New functionalities to be included to the platform can be listed as follows:

  1. the capability to enhance data acquisition service, which provide sensory system for legacy systems;
  2. the capability to add labels to product models to gather distributed and enhanced information on the product and component materials (e.g. BIM approach);
  3. the capability to capture flows of natural resources and emissions;
  4. marketplace for consumers and service stations showcasing available remain parts (also batteries) in different sectors;
  5. training modules for transferring the key competences of the DigiPrime pilots and the related policy framework for validating the transferred knowledge;

These services will make it possible to address new target groups such as: municipalities and local entities, mining companies, primary process entities, consumers groups, citizens and sector associations.

What you need to know in a nutshell…

Eligibility Rules

The open call is addressed and limited to SMEs, also in form of small consortia. All SMEs eligible for Horizon2020 will be eligible to submit proposals for the open call, except for the consortium’s partners and other parties that may have conflicts of interest. Other entities not eligible for funding under Horizon2020 can also apply as consortium partners but they must bear their project costs.

Eligibility Criteria

SMEs may participate only in one (1) proposal per each DigiPrime Open Call.

Proposal Submission

Applicants are requested to apply online via the DigiPrime website. There will be a first part to be filled-in online following the instructions in annex 3 and two documents to be uploaded in pdf format:

· Proposal supplement: Annex 4 filled in with the technical part of the proposal.

· SME Declaration: Scan copy of Annex 6 duly filled-in and signed by each SME involved in the proposal: the original will be requested in case of retention for funding.

Proposal can be submitted up to 5,00 p.m (CET time) of the indicated deadline – 18 July 2022.

Selection Criteria

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Three external evaluators will be appointed for the evaluation for each proposal. Each evaluator will be conduct a single review, then the evaluation results will be cross-examined by all evaluators who will finally rank the proposals according to the selection criteria.

The final approval of the selected SMEs to receive financing will be made by the coordinator, considering the best fit to the specific project objectives and possible conflict of interest issues.

Funding Scheme

The maximum amount of the financial support for proposals having a single applicant is € 100.000; proposals submitted by a consortium of two or more applicants may receive a financial support up to € 150.000.

To recap:

All the information is contained in the following annexes that you can download

Annex 1: Open Call Text

Annex 2: Guidelines for Applicants, which sets out the guidelines for participation.

Annex 3: Application Form, with questions that need to be addressed by applicants.

Annex 4: Proposal Supplement, a document providing information on proposal schedule, timing, and other details.

Annex 5:  Sub-grant Agreement Template, which provides a template of the sub-grant agreement that the successful applicants will be requested to sign.

Annex 6: SME Declaration, which evaluates the status of the SME legal representative.

Annex 7: Declaration of Honour, which declares that all conditions of the open call are accepted by an SME legal representative.

Annex 8: Bank Account Information, which collects information on the applicant’s bank account where the payments will be transferred to.

Annex 9: Technical Annex, providing technical information about the platform architecture, the interfaces and data models that will be provided to third parties for the development of new services.

Annex 10: Guidelines for the evaluators, with information on the whole evaluation process, including the technical part.

Sub-project assignment

After the conclusion of evaluation, the proposals in the short list will be invited to provide documents for the administrative and financial checking, as well as to provide eventual clarifications requested by the evaluators. The following documents must be provided (digital signatures with a valid digital certificate are  accepted):

  • SMEs declaration: the original Annex 6 signed and stamped already submitted in the submission phase; If applicant declares being non-autonomous, the balance sheet and profit and loss account for the last period for upstream and downstream organizations should also be provided.
  • Legal existence: Company Register or other official documents per country showing the name of the organisation, the legal address and registration number and, if applicable, a copy of a document proving VAT registration (in case the VAT number does not show on the registration extract or its equivalent).
  • Bank account information: Annex 8 duly filled-in and signed.
  • Sub-grant Agreement: Annex 5 duly filled-in and signed.

The above documents must be provided within two weeks from the communication received by the applicant; otherwise, the proposal is rejected and the next proposal in the reserve list is invited. The starting date of the sub grant agreement is the day after the signature of the Sub-grant agreement by the DigiPrime Coordinator.

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