When? 11-15 July, 2022 | Rome 

What? Cross-regional networking summer school for the identification of cross-sectoral circular value chains with the support of digital governance tools – intensive one-week training on cross-regional cooperation for circular economy in Europe

For Whom? Programme management authorities and development agencies that operate in the field of sustainable development. All participants have the opportunity to partake fully free of charge.

A golden educational opportunity

Circular economy is rapidly becoming a more popular and prominent issue: it represents a critical opportunity for European regions to achieve sustainable development. Already, the European Commission has identified the circular economy as one of the most vital strategic objectives for the future of Europe. 

Involving European regions is vital — they represent the key governance level in enabling the transition towards a circular and resilient economy. They not only have a clear knowledge of their own territory, as well as their own economic and social landscape, but are also responsible for the management of EU regional development funds and their own budget. 

The summer school aims to address the following: 

How to approach a circular economy

How to understand local potentials

How to build a strategy to exploit capabilities

This first edition of Veltha’s Summer School on cross-regional cooperation for the circular economy in Europe will be held from Monday, July 11th to Friday, July 15th, 2022. This intensive one-week training will guide participants through a 360° course discussing the variety of methodologies, strategies, and tools that will allow individuals to: 

  • Set up a circular economy strategy for their region
  • Understand how to acquire necessary resources
  • Master supportive tools that can help monitor and streamline the shift towards  a more resilient system

Through the use of a cross-regional approach, this summer school is aimed at programme management authorities and development agencies that operate in the field of sustainable development, with a particular focus on the circular economy in relation to EU policies and tools. 

Those who choose to partake will have the opportunity to dive into the state-of-the-art of circular economy research and development, with stirring lectures from top researchers and hands-on workshops, all supported by a multidisciplinary and European research environment that all play a leading role in training and research in the circular economy and digital field. 


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