Veltha is leader of one of the DigiPrime pilot, focused on the identification of at least 50 cross-sectoral value chains that can upscale into promising circular business opportunities based on data-enhanced recovery of functions and materials. Veltha is responsible for bringing together relevant stakeholders coming from multiple manufacturing sectors – batteries, mechatronics, electronics, composites and textiles – and support them offset information asymmetry and unlock new circular business cases, making for the creation of a large database of good practices within the manufacturing industry.

 Veltha is in charge of investigating the risks and side effects that can hinder the implementation of the proposed business models in the cross-sectorial value-chains of the pilots and in the future business scenarios. Drawbacks, limitations, and current barriers for their development will be systematically revised and mitigation actions and countermeasures to allow for their implementation will be identified and proposed. Since a major limitation in cross-sectoral circular business models could be the lack of a legislation regulating end-of-waste practices, specific attention will be given to the regulatory framework. Veltha can draw on their expertise to identify circular ecosystems within the targeted value chains and organize cross-sectoral events to boost knowledge transfer and information exchange.