Veltha’s Partners for EU Annual Kermesse: Smooth Ports and Interreg Europe

In line with our commitment to the #EURegionsweek 2020 Veltha has an exciting new partnership. As a communications manager of the REPLACE project, we will share a stand with the Smooth Ports project and Interreg Europe at the most important annual kermesse (festival) of European Territorial Cooperation. This event will happen later this year.

Smooth Ports: An Introduction

Smooth Ports is working on ways to reduce the emissions of ports, funded under the low-carbon economy priority axis. 

Its consortium involves a large number of partners: Hamburg’s Ministry of Economy, transport and innovation,  the Port Authority Network North Tyrennian Sea, the Port of Nantes Saint-Nazaire Authority, the Municipality of Monfalcone and the Regional Administration of Varna.

As demonstrated by its extensive list of partners, Smooth Ports wants to engage stakeholders all along the supply chain from public administration, port-related business and the logistic sector in order to reduce CO2 emissions from port-related road traffic through the holistic amelioration of regional policy instruments. Within the context of this cross-regional cooperation, the project will maximize the inputs coming from the partners’ port-related experiences to exploit best practices and to exchange effective tools. 

A key goal is to identify strategies for ports to meet high-demand in the trade of essential goods while also meeting the new and ambitious emissions targets outlined by the European Green Deal. The ports currently being used as case-studies are Livorno and Hamburg.

Both Smooth Ports and REPLACE are part of Interreg Europe, a policy learning platform that helps local and regional governments across Europe deliver better policy. We look forward to sharing a stand with these partners, growing the connections that will help us create a circular Europe! 

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