Education for Public Administration

The long-lasting, trustworthy and fruitful collaboration running between Veltha and numerous Public Institutions, allowed us to collect and examine their educational needs, in particular in relation to the new important field of circular economy.

In SCREEN project alone, Veltha closely cooperated with 17 regional and managing authorities, grasping significant insights into their learning necessities and co-created a list of learning outputs required in order to overcome critical barriers impeding the transition toward a circular economy: in fact, regional and provincial public institutions, as well as managing authorities, are key enabling actors in the shift toward a more resilient system because these are in charge of managing funds and of developing dedicated call for proposals.

The ever augmenting importance of circular economy in supranational, European and regional political agendas is accompanied, on the other side, by the lack of understanding of its own concept and of the complexity that it entails among those actors that are in charge of implementing the strategies at local level, namely the regional public and the managing authorities.

Veltha collaborated with other projects and initiatives operating in the circular economy transition at various levels, with the aim of enlarging the database of needed learning outcomes, skills, knowledge and competencies. The so-developed partnership took contact with diverse Educational Institution willing to offer their expertise for the generation of curricula targeting the creation of a new professional figure for the public sector, capable of ensuring the transition at the institutional level.

Stay tuned for further developments!