INTEGRATE - Biointegrable Soft Actuators Alimented by Metabolic Energy

INTEGRATE’s vision is to lay the foundations of a new revolutionary technology to build soft actuating devices that use metabolic (biochemical) energy to function, hence do not need external power sources. Implantable devices based on this technology will be soft like healthy muscles, surgically implantable in the body to replace damaged muscles or integrated into more complex prosthetic devices and alimented by small and non-invasive power units integrated within the body. Similarly, these power units could recharge your phone while you do your daily activities. In the long term, such a technology will have strongly transformative effects on our economy and society. The possibility of powering active devices from metabolic products and regardless of the availability of external power sources, will attract enormous interest from the implantable medical devices, robotics, biomedical, electronic, and wearable technology industries, boosting the European leadership in these sectors. Likewise, it will transform the way personalized medical devices, wearables and soft machines are conceived and manufactured, leading to the creation of huge market possibilities.


Veltha is the administrative coordinator of the project. We ensure a smooth execution and management of the project development, alongside the provision of guidelines and support for the communication, dissemination and exploitation activities inscribed in the project plan.