Our Impact

Annual Report 2021

So far and despite all, 2021 has been the best year for Veltha, marking the achievement of important milestones of a path undertaken years ago with strong commitment, beliefs and willingness to make a difference.

In a year, our team has expanded significantly, with new entries coming from all over Europe and beyond, each single person contributing to achieve each set of goals through teamwork and resilience.
In a year, we have progressed in our project activities, being partner in REPLACE, DigiPrime and FRONTSH1P projects and participating in important international events such as COP26 – UN Climate Change Conference and EURegionsWeek.
In a year, we have increased our skills and competences, improving on current and embracing new areas of development, having as main pillar the research in policy models, circularbusiness models, digitaltechnologies and sustainablematerials.

From this standpoint we are ready to aim at reaching more peaks from which we can enjoy even more outstanding views.

Our 2021 Impact Report is now online, showcasing the stages of our journey throughout the whole year.

We are very proud for what we have been able to achieve despite the hurdles that the past time has put along the way.
We hope you enjoy diving into our history and our identity.

Annual Report 2021