This project aims at improving management, implementation and monitoring of regional policy instruments targeted at facilitating the transition towards a CE, while boosting sustainable development: the main operative target refers to the development and application of policies and actions focusing on identification, valorization, assessment and financing of circular value chains, resulting in new local and interregional projects. REPLACE will develop a replicable framework for a regional benchmark on circularity excellence level.


Veltha carries the fundamental role of the advisory partner: we ensure the regional public authorities apply the developed tools and deploy effective policies instruments to promote the transition through the assessment of potentiality, support and financing of cross-regional value chains as well as assessment and impact evaluation of circular economy projects


The project has received a grant of €1,694,570.00 from Interreg Europe for its activities going on between 1/08/2019 and 31/01/2023



Project Partners
Veltha IVZW (BE)
Lazio Region (IT)
Hamburg Institute of International Economics (DE)
Crete Region (EL)
Nexa – Regional Agency for Investment Development and Innovation (FR)
Province of Fryslân (NL)
Lodzkie Region (PL)
Centro Region commission for coordination and development (PT)
North-East Regional Development Agency (RO)


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