SCAVENGER is an action that aims at assessing and enhancing the impact of H2020 research projects on the transition towards a sustainable Circular Economy. It uses the already existing and publicly available data and new data gathered through direct contacts with stakeholders.

SCAVENGER considers literature and projects addressing Circular Economy and will analyse also the project targeted to sustainability and environmentally friendly technologies and business model that could enable the transition to a sustainable Circular Economy. SCAVENGER analyses the projects’ impact on the integration and improvement of the usual concept of “sector” into “cross-sectorial value chains” defined as the transformation of “traditional” value chains into new ones through cross-sectoral collaboration models.

Through this novel approach, combining different sources of information, SCAVENGER will lead also to better matching between the expected impacts asked by the EC and the actual impacts produced by the projects and will integrate the assessment with non-expected impacts that a better communication strategy could make happening, thus optimizing the public investment in R&I.