SCREEN is an H2020 coordinating and supporting action participated by 17 European regions, aiming at the definition of a replicable systemic approach towards a transition to Circular Economy in EU regions within the context of the Smart Specialisation Strategy. The project was implemented from November 2016 up to October 2018 through four different steps, all related to each other: The first step was a common procedure for mapping both real and potential value chains in each region. The second step is the synergic approach among different regions to find common value chains and particularly to find in a certain region the “missing ring” allowing the development of a value chain in another one and vice-versa. SCREEN proposed an innovative instrument that allows using in a truly synergic way both the structural funds and the European research funds (third step). such an instrument has been formalized through a “Memorandum of Understanding” having as first signatory Lazio and at the present already signed by 10 European regions; To foster the joint financing of projects by different regions, the Screen Policy Lab worked on a common agreement on how the project’s “circularity” should be evaluated (fourth step). This methodology has been submitted to the judgment of the main European stakeholders, receiving 160 very positive answers and over 40 suggestions, which led to a further version, complete with instructions for both applicants and assessors, as well as a practical example of its application. Considering the results obtained, which went far beyond what was expected at the beginning, and the enthusiasm expressed by the partners, SCREEN is continuing as an informal cooperation network between European regions open to other regions and stakeholders in the field of circular economy. The SCREEN network is coordinated by the Screen Policy Lab