Our international interns

Research Team

Paula Baltar Lorenzo

She’s a student of international studies and political science at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.
Passionate about public policy and public policy evaluation, and about the areas of sustainable development, human rights, EU affairs, and international cooperation particularly.

She recently volunteered as a Climate and Energy Policy Analyst at OpenPolicy Europe, a new project aiming at making youth, energy, and climate policies and policymaking in EU member states more accessible for young people.

After graduation, she would like to pursue a career in European affairs, while hopefully still working closely on the topics of sustainability, circularity, and climate.

As a research and policy lab assistant at Veltha, she will contribute to the identification and execution of EU projects and to the
development of Veltha’s policy lab.

Sara Echevarría

She’s a Spanish 24 year-old student, graduated from her Bachelor’s in International Relations (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) and from a LLM in Comparative Law, Economics, and Finance (Univerisità di Torino and IUC Turin).

She’s finishing her master’s in Economic Development and Innovation specializing in Local and Regional Development (Universidad de Santiago de Compostela). She tried to take into account sustainability in her academic experience, but also in other aspects of her life, as she was able to participate in different organizations and associations that had an ecological motivation. My particular interests at the moment deal with regions in decline or rural regions that could benefit from innovative sustainable policies and circular economy as a way for them to foster endogenous development. Finally, she joined the Veltha team as Environmental Engineer intern (for EU research projects preparation and coordination support).

Lauren Betti

She is a Spanish 25 year-old who is studying a Master’s in International Development and Global studies at Roskilde University. Both her studies and her past internships working with excess faulty items from the fashion industry and with sustainable development have made her develop a strong interest in circular economy and the waste of resources of all kinds, especially food and textile waste. 

She is currently working as Project Assistant for EU Culture and Democracy projects, where she operates with cultural and civic society organizations through EU funded project planning, writing and execution. Lauren fosters suitable policies and research as well as works and offers support with calls and projects.

The Communication Team

Tahmina Naimi

Tahmina Naimi is in the final year of her master’s degree in local development at the University of Padua, Italy. She has completed her bachelor’s in Economics from Punjab University of India. Tahmina is writing her master thesis on the Circular Economy (CE) in the European Union, and her research question is focusing on the transition of firms from linear to circular Economy. She will discuss what are the challenges, barriers, and opportunities for firms adopting circular economy model. Tahmina is studying circular Economy at the micro-level (enterprise level) and throughout the course of her research, she is drawing the connection between three levels of C.E. implementation: micro (e.g. enterprise), meso (e.g. industrial park) and macro (e.g. cities and regions).

She believes that implementing circular economy at micro-level results into a successful implementation of the process. Her research focuses on circular economy business models (CEBMs) because these models are subjected to reduce externalities, promote a low-carbon path, strengthen connection between society and industry, lower the cost and create ore sustainable jobs through its various tools and principles.

Furthermore, Tahmina has previous experience with the Afghan government, and she is currently working as a Research and Policy Lab Assistant at Veltha.

Emanuel Ferreira

Emanuel Ferreira holds a Bachelor’s degree in European Studies and International Politics and he’s presently concluding a Master’s degree in Political Science from ISCTE – University Institute of Lisbon, where he focuses on the study of regionalist secessionist movements and their political relation with their respective central governments.
Previously, he held a position at Novo Dia – Centre of Information, Promotion and Monitoring of Equality Policies, working on human rights and social inclusion awareness projects, and did two internships at For Citizens – European Institute for Active Citizenship and the European Association of Young Educators, where he was engaged in research and communication related programs that focused on citizens’ political engagement. At the moment, he’s working as a Communications Assistant for the Culture and Democracy Projects at Veltha.
He has a special interest in organizations designed to resolve and foster social and
international cooperation. With political and economic systems facing deep uncertainties and global supply chains increasingly fragmented, there is an opportunity to re-imagine and reset global partnerships and to work together to face these challenges.
That’s why the work of Veltha towards a circular economy is important. Transitioning to a circular economy does not only amount to adjustments aimed at reducing the negative impacts of climate change and of the linear economy model. Rather, it represents a systemic shift that builds long-term
resilience, generates business and economic opportunities, while providing not only environmental
advances, but also social benefits. Like so, governments need to provide effective policy frameworks
to reach these goals. That’s why the mobilization of communities, social engagement, and the
promotion of international cooperation, as well, are a crucial effort to make this happen.

Robert Broughan

Robert Broughan from Dublin, Ireland. His role in Veltha is Communications Assistant.
He’s currently a third-year student at the University College Dublin, studying Politics, International Relations, and Sociology. During my studies, he has found that his interests are in areas that are tackling the world’s issues. Therefore, he has tried to contribute in his best way to face them by becoming a Committee Member of a university society tackling development and social justice issues. This interest has led him to join his studies and the
internship with Veltha.

His interests are in international development, sustainable development and humanitarian relief, the key areas he would like to work and develop in when he will finish his studies. The global challenges currently facing the world are continuing to rise. To be able to work in a committed team to tackle these issues is an exciting experience for him.

By joining Veltha as an intern, he believes he can contribute to the mission of achieving a sustainable
future. On this journey as an intern, he will continue to grow and develop these skills to
tackle the challenges the world is facing.