The goal is to have a dynamic exchange and debate between pioneering EU-funded projects in different sectors and processes: from wood to plastics. This focused webinar brings together experts and stakeholders from each project to discuss strategies, challenges, and successes in transitioning towards a sustainable circular economy.

Participants will gain an in-depth understanding of how these projects are innovating within their sectors, contributing to environmental sustainability, and influencing policy at the European level. Engage with us in this critical conversation to shape a greener future.

LOOPS 3.0 #6 | New Approaches for Future Oriented Industries: TULIPS- RaRe2

Addressing climate goals presents ongoing challenges across various sectors within the EU. Beyond reducing CO2 emissions, the focus spans preparing for future climate impacts, currently addressed by several EU-funded research projects across diverse domains. This episode of LOOPS showcases pioneering, holistic approaches made by two projects in this regard. From Material Exchange Platforms to Digital Product Passports, LOOPS returns to highlight their significant strides towards reaching a sustainable future.

TULIPS aims to accelerate the implementation of innovative and sustainable technologies at airports. The project focuses on developing sustainable practices at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, with collaborative efforts from partner airports in Oslo, Turin, and Larnaka. These efforts are directed towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions and aligning with EU climate objectives through strategic measurement and forecasting. Key innovations, such as Digital Product Passports and an Excess Materials Exchange Platform, are integral to their approach.

The RaRe2 project aims to create a flexible and resilient ecosystem platform for European manufacturing by enabling rapid reconfiguration of processes and workforce upskilling. By leveraging solutions such as AI-based detection and collaborative systems, RaRe2 will help the industry adapt quickly to market changes, disruptions, and crises caused by climate-related events. To achieve this, some of the project’s focus points are early issue detection, rapid adaptation of supply chains, and empowering decision-makers.

LOOPS 3.0 #5 | Digital Solutions for Circular Growth: TREASoURcE meets WASABI

As the European Commission advances its commitment to the twin transition—merging green and digital initiatives under the Green Deal and Digital Strategy—LOOPS returns to highlight the synergy between digitalization and sustainability. In this episode, we spotlight two pioneering EU-funded projects at this intersection. From harnessing AI to leveraging innovative digital solutions promoting circular economy principles, we explore how these projects are driving tangible progress towards the EU's sustainability goals.

TREASoURcE develops circular systemic solutions for underutilized plastic, electric vehicle batteries, and bio-based waste. It has launched a digital marketplace in Finland connecting sellers and buyers of bio-based side streams.

The WASABI project provides SMEs with advanced user interfaces and an intelligent assistant, enhancing workforce performance with AI-driven guidance. This simplifies software interactions, benefits workers, and supports sustainability goals.

LOOPS 3.0 #4 | Innovation in Plastic Recycling: MAELSTROM - INCREACE - PRIMUS

The EU Council and Parliament reached an agreement on packaging regulations with single use plastics, emphasizing recyclability and reducing harmful substances. In this LOOPS episode we analyze three different and innovative EU funded project addressing the circularity in different steps:

MAELSTROM is working to integrate complementary technologies for sustainable marine litter removal in European coastal ecosystems. INCREACE works with interdisciplinary solutions across the value chain such as data-driven sorting and blockchain verification. The PRIMUS project aims to enhance the resilience of the EU's plastic value chains by ensuring a stable supply of waste plastics as raw material. 

LOOPS 3.0 #3 | Navigating the Digital Frontier with MIND4MACHINES - FORGING - PATH2DEA

In this episode of LOOPS, we explore how digital technologies are driving EU sectors towards ambitious climate goals.

MIND4MACHINES empowers manufacturing SMEs with innovative technology for greener production. FORGING is accelerating sustainability in various industries by shaping technological pathways across various industries, while PATH2DEA works with enhancing agriculture with advanced tools for sustainable farming.

LOOPS 3.0 #2 | Composites for the Circular Economy: VIT meets VIBES

In the second episode of LOOPS this season, we're exploring new innovative approaches with composite materials for Circular Economy purposes.

We spotlight pioneering projects VIT with a focus on enhancing vitrimers and VIBES, which is developing cost-efficient technology to break down thermoset composites for component recovery.

LOOPS 3 0 #1 Advancing Wind Energy Circularity DeremCo meets EoLO HUBS

LOOPS returns to embody the pulse of innovation, offering a live webinar platform dedicated to illuminating the realms of circular economy and sustainability, showcasing how groundbreaking research materializes into real-world impact.

As we begin the new season we turn the spotlight to the complex terrain of wind turbine blades within the circular economy and delve into the results of DeremCo and EoLO HUBS, two dynamic EU funded projects, that offers an exclusive glimpse into the future they envisage for the wind energy sector.