LOOPS 3.0 #3 | Navigating the Digital Frontier with MIND4MACHINES - FORGING - PATH2DEA

In this episode of LOOPS, we explore how digital technologies are driving EU sectors towards ambitious climate goals.

MIND4MACHINES empowers manufacturing SMEs with innovative technology for greener production. FORGING is accelerating sustainability in various industries by shaping technological pathways across various industries, while PATH2DEA works with enhancing agriculture with advanced tools for sustainable farming.

LOOPS 3.0 #2 | Composites for the Circular Economy: VIT meets VIBES

In the second episode of LOOPS this season, we're exploring new innovative approaches with composite materials for Circular Economy purposes.

We spotlight pioneering projects VIT with a focus on enhancing vitrimers and VIBES, which is developing cost-efficient technology to break down thermoset composites for component recovery.

LOOPS 3 0 #1 Advancing Wind Energy Circularity DeremCo meets EoLO HUBS

LOOPS returns to embody the pulse of innovation, offering a live webinar platform dedicated to illuminating the realms of circular economy and sustainability, showcasing how groundbreaking research materializes into real-world impact.

As we begin the new season we turn the spotlight to the complex terrain of wind turbine blades within the circular economy and delve into the results of DeremCo and EoLO HUBS, two dynamic EU funded projects, that offers an exclusive glimpse into the future they envisage for the wind energy sector.