Project reference: 2019-SECTION2-11

Start/end: December 2020 - December 2024

Total Cost: EUR 918,283.00

Call: Section 2 Call 2019 - Multi-topic 

Topic: 2.1.1

Project Website: 

EXPLOWHEAT - Exploring durum wheat genotypes to minimize drought stress impact on grain yield and nutritional quality

The aim of EXPLOWHEAT is to provide the identification of more resilient genes and/or crop genotypes able to cope with sub-optimal water, and unbalanced nutrient availability deriving from drought, in order to underpin improvement of crop management strategies for future agricultural use. The final goal will be to maximize grain yield and quality under agriculturally unfavorable conditions (i.e. drought, unbalanced nutrient supply) in an environmentally sustainable way. Within the expected impacts this project will allow the development of next generation, stress-resilient crops that require less fertilizers and pesticides and yield high quality grain. Such extension of knowledge on plant metabolic processes will be beneficial to the entire research community and immediately of use to plant breeders and agricultural procedures. 

Results will contribute to i) developing sustainable food systems from production to consumption, increasing biodiversity and food production sustainably while reducing waste in food supply chain and limiting environmental impacts; ii) improving the quality of life by improving food quality under stress-limiting conditions in a sustainable way and to ensure the resilience of the food supply chain; iii) encouraging sustainable consumer behavior and food choices; iv) improving competitiveness and economic growth in the Mediterranean food industry, with special attention to SMEs. 

Specifically, EXPLOWHEAT's benefits will include: a more rational use of natural genetic resources, increased crop productivity and quality, decreased pollution, reduced energy needs and greenhouse gas emissions. The project is also expected to deliver a report on training activities for women.