Reinforcing Capacity Building for Defending Biodiversity in the Palestinian Territories

The objective of DEBPAL was to reinforce the cooperation capacities of Al-Quds University, to improve its researches activities in defence and recovery of Biodiversity (including Agro-Biodiversity), in the interlinked fields of conservation and restorationy.

The Palestinian Territories are an emblematic case of massive Biodiversity loss, determining a series of severe consequences on the nature’s state and on human life and economy. From this point of view it is important to remember that the Convention on Biological Diversity considerate the Agro-Biodiversity an essential part of the Biodiversity inextricable whole, to protected by the States Parties. Therefore, the competences, techniques and technologies that were developed in AQU are focused at integrating Biodiversity, cultural and social perspectives into a coherent sustainable landscape management.
This approach was and is strategic for the Palestinian Territories but also, in a larger dimension, for the whole of the Mediterranean Region, where the erosion of Biodiversity is a worsening and expanding problem due to the human impact on the environment and the absence of consistent global politics to combat and control it.