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A paradigm change

Circular Economy as Main Strategy

We bridge the gap between Policy Makers, Stakeholders and Researchers to identify synergies and develop Circular Value Chains.

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Circular Economy Policies - REPLACE

REPLACE aims at improving regional policy instruments supporting Circular Economy

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the main activities to pursue our objectives

EU projects

We build strong and loyal partnerships to tackle global challenges and respond to the needs identificated by the European Commission. Partner with us!

DIGIPRIME develops a Circular Economy digital platform to enable cross-sectorial business models

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Circular Economy Models and Blockchain
Unlock potentialities


We help public administrations going circular

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137 analyzed projects


Analysing value chains’ needs and mining solutions from H2020 funded projects

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Circular Economy Impact
Helping today

Be the one who leads. Start the big change now.

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Past Projects

Reinforcing Capacity Building for Defending Biodiversity in the Palestinian Territories. – READ MORE

Circular Economy Experts

We believe in a prosperous society respectful of the planetary boundaries

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